Wind and Brains and Pink Stuff, oh my!

November 22, 2008 at 10:00 pm | Posted in Day to Day Musings | Leave a comment

Wow, it's been so long since i've updated anything on here that i actually had to re-enter my password because typepad didn't remember me anymore…..oooops. (Clearly, too much time on facebook playing Scrabble!)

I'm typing today's entry on my brand-spankin-new  laptop of which i am sooo very, very fond! It was my early anniversary present from hubby this year. What can I say – the boy has good taste! (i got to pick it out)

To celebrate our ten year mark, we are gonna go away for a couple nights in Boston while the girls are with their grandparents. We're booked in this hotel that is a renovated warehouse so all the rooms have a really cool loft vibe. I'm really hoping that it is as nice as the pictures show. Either way, it will be awesome because it is right downtown and we can walk all around and reminisce about the days when we lived (and dated) there. We're hoping to meet up with some friends for dinner while we are there too so really looking forward to this trip!

I am betting no one remembers this but around June or so, we had come back from CA with a bright pink plastic house that had been a gift for Mia. After the cat peed in it (the cat that is now no longer living here) I washed it out on the lawn and left it to dry.

Then it blew away.

I was really bummed thinking that it was more likely that someone stole it or that it blew over to a neighbors and a neighbor stole it. Well, either way it was never heard from again….

…until today!

When we came home this afternoon, it was just sitting there on the lawn, wedged up against the playset. With something as large (the girls can stand up in it) and bright pink as that, it is hard to believe it was hiding out anywhere on the property where we could have missed it.

It was a little dirty, but overall in pretty good shape considering it's long stay outside. It doesn't even look like it is faded which really makes me wonder just where it actually was! Hmm….maybe someone DID steal it and during all the high winds we've been experiencing over the last couple days, it blew away from their house and Back to ours! Well, either way, it is back and the girls are totally psyched! They can't wait for me to clean it up so they can play in it again. Bella lectured me several times this afternoon about how I should have put rocks inside to keep it from blowing away and that I had better do that next time I wash it. Okayyy….thanks for appreciating me….rgggh. Nothing like a five year old's view of you for a little humbling. Nice.

Oh, and I read this really cool article today about my not-so-dear-and-yet constant companion, Fibromyalgia….here is an excerpt and a link:

Researchers have detected abnormalities in the brains of people with fibromyalgia, a chronic condition whose symptoms include muscle pain and fatigue.

Some researchers have suggested that the pain of fibromyalgia is the result of depression, but the new study suggests otherwise. The abnormalities were independent of anxiety and depression levels.

Researchers evaluated 20 women diagnosed with fibromyalgia and 10 healthy women without the condition who served as a control group. The researchers performed brain imaging called single photon emission computed tomography, or SPECT.

The imaging showed that women with the syndrome had "brain perfusion" — blood flow abnormalities in their brains. The abnormalities were directly correlated with the severity of disease symptoms.

An increase in blood flow was found in the brain region known to discriminate pain intensity.


ProofThat Fibromyalgia is real


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