Four Days…

March 17, 2009 at 2:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Wow, it's been FOUR WHOLE DAYS since I sat at my computer. I just about killed myself trying to get the house ready for visitors. The clothes swap was sunday night and was pretty much a success, I'd say. Lots of friends filling up the house with laughter. That makes any even a success in my book. I have a bad habit of staying up till 1am trying to get things done when the house is quiet and I can actually hear myself think. So, in an effort to recover, I've been sleeping a lot the last couple of days. Time to pay the piper, sort to speak…

The sun is shining now, the coffee is brewing (yes, it's like 2pm), and I might actually salvage today and get some stuff done. Hurrah!

There must be at the very least, 40 outdoor-sized trashbags full of clothing and housewares and bric-a-brac left after the hubbub of the swap died down. Fortunately, my friends stuck around to back the majority of it up for me. A kind soul even washed dishes before they left. Do I have the best friends ever, or what? (And did I mention the three people that came on seperate days to help me clean and get my act together? They so rock!)

So whew! It's over now….time to get ready for spring! Start some seeds in the trays I've got waiting for them. I can check the spring cleaning off the list since that is what we did for the last week in anticipation of the swap (because usually people hide out in every room of the house trying stuff on so you can't really just close the door to hide a mountain of stuff). Kinda cool that I can skip that part of spring when it arrives…on friday! Can you believe it? Winter is ALLLLMOST over. Now if the snow would just melt and stay gone for more than a few days we could get down to some real summery activities! Yee-haw!


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