people who need people….

September 28, 2009 at 5:09 pm | Posted in quotes | 1 Comment
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I thought this was a really beautiful thought and it sums up nicely the feeling I get when I am lonely. I feel disconnected from friends and family and the world in general. My thoughts turn dark and negative and selfish. (“the one isolating himself will seek his own selfish longing”) Very true. This is a more poetic expression of that same thought:

When we become isolated, we are prone to being damaged;
our minds lose their flexibility and natural kindness;
we become vulnerable to fear and negativity.
The sense of belonging keeps you in balance
amidst the inner and outer immensities.
The ancient and eternal values of human life –
truth, unity, goodness, justice, beauty, and love
are all statements of belonging;
they are also the secret intention
and dream of human longing.
~ John O’Donohue (Eternal Echoes)


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  1. wow, I like what this person has to say. I believe it is true. I get to that place sometimes when I am alone too much and you start to go inside yourself too much. This is when I know it’s time to get out and see some friends.

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