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Basement DoorSo…yesterday evening we figured out that our furnace had died. Of course, we only figured this out after two phone calls to the furnace guy and after Richie fiddled with all the buttons and screws and doo-hickies he could find on the furnace with no success. Unfortunately, before this diagnosis, I had frantically called the oil company for a delivery, thinking that we were out of oil. I listened through two automated menus and then left a long rambling message explaining that I needed a delivery asap. So then, after our dismal diagnosis, I had to call them back and explain why they should disregard my last frantic message. D’oh!

So this morning, while waiting for the arrival of the furnace guy to resurrect our ancient furnace, I turned on the mobile heater in the living room. Did I mention the large TV was already on? Because THEN I turned on my laptop and the mini heater on the other side of the room (Can you see where I’m going with this??) and everything went dead.

I had tripped the breaker.

The breaker that is a part of the breaker panel located in the spidery basement.

If I were home alone, I would have just waited for Richie to come home from work tonight to make the expedition into the spider infested basement. After all, if I have to choose between hypothermia and spiders, I would rather lose a couple of fingers and toes. But, since my little one was home and is not a polar bear, I went to the basement. Conquering a phobia is not an easy thing to do. Mind over matter isn’t as easy as you would think. In the six years or so that we have lived in this house, I’ve only been down those basement stairs three times. And those were all within the last few months. I HATE THE BASEMENT STEPS.

So I conquer my fear and reach inside that creepy webby doorway to flip the light switch for the basement and…..nothing. No light. Great. I get to go into the spiderwebby basement IN THE DARK. (somehow I tripped two breakers at once)

I tromped back upstairs, grabbed a flashlight and went back to the basement door. Then I stood there for awhile. “JUST DO IT. JUST DO IT. THIS IS IMPORTANT.”  (did I mention it is 38 degrees outside? inside is getting kinda frosty at this point too)

So after this long rambling post, I can proudly proclaim: I did it. With much whining and wailing. But I did it. I had to clear the cobwebs off the breakers before I could hit them. ICK ICK ICK

But all is relatively well now because the lights and space heater are back on now. I even boiled water to wash up and wash dishes.  (I also realized that if I boiled a large pot of water long enough, the kitchen will fill with nice warm steam. It gets cloudy inside like a sauna but heat is heat, man!) I was feeling very pioneer woman this morning. I just hope that the furnace guy can work his magic. Otherwise I have to decide how much I really want to get clean. Enough to lug 9 large pots of boiling water upstairs to the tub?

Decisions, decisions….

boiling water


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