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In case you don’t know her already, let me introduce you to one of my favorite blogs, Apron Thrift Girl. She is all about buying thrift and reselling her treasures here and there. She offers pictures of her treasures and tips on reselling them. I adore her!

Today, Katiana and I are watching Nick Jr. and dancing and singing along to music about bugs. Charlie is feeling insecure and requiring extra affection to be reassured that he is the top short person around here (four-legged person but hey, still a person).

Last week, I got another great haircut from my top hair girl, Yvonne at Salon Y. She is awesome. If you live in the Portland area, I highly recommend her. Plus she knows where the greatest thrift stores are!

I also went to see Guster at the State Theatre. Honestly, they aren’t my favorite group but they put on a good show and always have great opening bands. Last time, Rogue Wave opened for them and they ARE one of my favorite bands now. This time they were opened by Jukebox the Ghost. Love them now too!

For some reason, now that I have a gmail email account (please don’t send me mail at the hotmail one anymore), blogger doesn’t know me anymore and has forgotten all about the hundred or so blogs I was following. This is tremendously frustrating since I didn’t bookmark any of them and now I can’t find them at all. ARRGGGHHH…..stupid Today, I hate you.

For anyone trying to get ahold of me, my email address is sondic3 @  I got hacked so many times at hotmail that I dumped them. Stupid msn. I hate them today too. And yesterday. And likely tomorrow.

Have you heard the Creative Everyday challenge for November? I have more excuses then I have completed works of art. I’m digging this challenge. Anyone else wanna try it with me?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my shopping addiction lately. I only shop thrift, discount, and salvage (except for perishable groceries) but still, I enjoy shopping way too much. There are just so many great thrift stores nearby. They call to me….”Your treasure is here! Come find it!”. And I answer this siren call. I have boxes and boxes of treasure waiting to be sold on eBay and etsy and boxes of books waiting to be listed on ebay and alibris. Anyone else have this affliction?See the glasses the cashier is wearing? Those are my “new glasses”! I picked them up a couple weeks ago from the optometrist. But because they are vintage, they had trouble fitting the modern prescription glass into them. I have to take them to their offices in Gorham to get reground to fit better. But they are pretty great….a very light pink aluminum with little beads in their catty corners!

I will try to get my picture taken wearing them and post some pictures!


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