First Day Of School

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When I was a kid, it hurt my feelings so much when my mom would mention that she couldn’t WAIT for us to be back in school. Now that I’m grown with kids of my own, I have no idea how she survived those summers with her sanity intact.

While seeing the bus drive away with my babies inside makes me sad and a little anxious, the sense of relief that washes over me as I step back inside my quiet house is wonderful. I have my freedom back! If I want, I can watch a whole tv show without pausing for nine “emergencies”. I could go shopping without anyone whining and wanting explanations for why they can’t have everything they see or complaining about the radio station or commenting on my driving. Sweet silence!

Maybe I will just celebrate the first day of school with a quiet cup of coffee…. and a nap. Yeah, a nice quiet nap.



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In case you don’t know her already, let me introduce you to one of my favorite blogs, Apron Thrift Girl. She is all about buying thrift and reselling her treasures here and there. She offers pictures of her treasures and tips on reselling them. I adore her!

Today, Katiana and I are watching Nick Jr. and dancing and singing along to music about bugs. Charlie is feeling insecure and requiring extra affection to be reassured that he is the top short person around here (four-legged person but hey, still a person).

Last week, I got another great haircut from my top hair girl, Yvonne at Salon Y. She is awesome. If you live in the Portland area, I highly recommend her. Plus she knows where the greatest thrift stores are!

I also went to see Guster at the State Theatre. Honestly, they aren’t my favorite group but they put on a good show and always have great opening bands. Last time, Rogue Wave opened for them and they ARE one of my favorite bands now. This time they were opened by Jukebox the Ghost. Love them now too!

For some reason, now that I have a gmail email account (please don’t send me mail at the hotmail one anymore), blogger doesn’t know me anymore and has forgotten all about the hundred or so blogs I was following. This is tremendously frustrating since I didn’t bookmark any of them and now I can’t find them at all. ARRGGGHHH…..stupid Today, I hate you.

For anyone trying to get ahold of me, my email address is sondic3 @  I got hacked so many times at hotmail that I dumped them. Stupid msn. I hate them today too. And yesterday. And likely tomorrow.

Have you heard the Creative Everyday challenge for November? I have more excuses then I have completed works of art. I’m digging this challenge. Anyone else wanna try it with me?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my shopping addiction lately. I only shop thrift, discount, and salvage (except for perishable groceries) but still, I enjoy shopping way too much. There are just so many great thrift stores nearby. They call to me….”Your treasure is here! Come find it!”. And I answer this siren call. I have boxes and boxes of treasure waiting to be sold on eBay and etsy and boxes of books waiting to be listed on ebay and alibris. Anyone else have this affliction?See the glasses the cashier is wearing? Those are my “new glasses”! I picked them up a couple weeks ago from the optometrist. But because they are vintage, they had trouble fitting the modern prescription glass into them. I have to take them to their offices in Gorham to get reground to fit better. But they are pretty great….a very light pink aluminum with little beads in their catty corners!

I will try to get my picture taken wearing them and post some pictures!

First Snow Fall

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This morning we awoke to find our world coated in a beautiful dusting of white. The first snowfall of the year is always so magical. I’m still infatuated with it during this time of year. By about January I’m TOTALLY ready to breakup and move to Bali. But right now I’m watching it fall softly out the window and loving every minute of it.

While I’m home nesting in this cold weather, I think I may try to catch up on some of my projects. The mountain of dishes in the sink, for one. Secondly, I will try to work on getting Bella’s school pictures sent out. Before the end of the year would be great! I printed out a bunch of other pics that I want to send along with them. Now I just need to figure out where they are all going!

Doing less ….and proud of it!

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I’ve been really proud of myself lately…..for doing less.

Okay, your first response is likely “okayyyy, she is proud of being lazy. What a quality human being.” (But only if you are as sarcastic as I am.)

So here is the deal. I’ve been so addicted to being online lately — spending lots and lots of time, mostly on facebook. I update my status, check up on the status changes of my friends, play a turn in each of my scrabble games (20 or so?), do stuff in my various facebook games and blamo, seven hours have gone by. I really hate that. Seven hours with nothing to show for it.

And I’m STILL procrastinating when it comes to getting to work on some art. (I was going to break out my GOCCO and whip up some invitations for the clothes swap for my friends that don’t have email. It is next Sunday and that still hasn’t happened.)

I keep thinking that I will have permission to do some art as soon as the house is clean. The laundry is ALMOST done. The dishes are close to being done. But neither really gets completed. EVER. So I never get to working on any of my art projects…..or my other ‘projects’ around the house either. My pantry is still all torn apart from my reorganization project there. The baskets are in place with labels. But there are still a couple dozen cans and containers strewn about on the pantry floor and stacked up, blocking the microwave. I really should get back to that.

So anyhow, I have been successful at NOT logging into facebook for a day or two here and there. I’ve been skipping days. Which, to me, is total success! Unfortunately, with the new tv season starting, I’ve been spending more time crashed out on the couch, watching stuff that I’ve recorded on the DVR. Not really a success story.

But tomorrow is another day, right???

Speaking of days, I got the coolest journal the other day. It is a five year journal. Each page is marked with a date and blank where the year should go. The idea is, you write one line or so each day and then as time passes, you can compare what you were up to during that same time period the year or years before. Now, given my history with journals, I don’t have complete confidence that I will maintain this journal. But the idea that you are only required to write ONE SINGLE line each day doesn’t seem so overwhelming. And the funny thing is, I can’t seem to keep myself from writing as much as will fit into the tiny space in the tiniest writing I can do….so I end up writing quite a bit more than a single line. Kinda like I’m outsmarting my procrastinating self. *smirk*

Anyhoo….we went apple picking today at the Thompson’s Orchard here in New Gloucester. By a half hour into it, we were all shedding our sweaters and sweatshirts because the sun was shining and it was starting to get really warm. Of course, Susan and I were also sweating from carrying all the bags of apples. One by one, the girls filled them up until they were just too heavy and awkward for them to handle and they handed them off to us.

It was SUCH a great day for it. I’m so glad Susan thought of it. And since it was completely spontaneous, I didn’t have to spend any time dreading running out of energy before we could go like I usually do when I know there is an event coming up within a few days. I end up exhausting myself before the event even happens. (THAT is how much a dread deadlines these days…I am so much more neurotic than I ever used to be —- and that is saying something.)

So now you are pretty much up to date on what is going on over in my little corner or the world. Oh yeah, I forgot– I still owe a couple friends circle journey books. I have no excuse. They send letters and postcards and emails reminding me and I keep forgetting. Sorry, ladies. And you friends who haven’t returned the circle journey books TO ME in a few years. SHAME ON YOU!! LOG OFF RIGHT NOW AND GO FIND IT!!! I mean it! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE !!!!

Oh yeah, one more tid bit….a brother has been stripping the paint off of the front porch and one side of the house and is going to start repainting it. It already looks soooo much better! Wait till you see it!

Thoughts skittering around in my mind…..

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So here’s the thing….I don’t get this blog (typepad) for free. It costs money. Not a lot. But enough that if I’m not using it, I might as well just be tossing the currency out the window and letting the wind take it away….

Part of me is disheartened that almost no one even checks up on it anymore. That same part misses all the blogs that my email used to alert me about all the time. I can hardly even remember now what they were. About the only use my laptop gets anymore is updating my facebook status and waiting for my friends and family to do the same.

The other part is trying to kick my brain in gear and remind myself that this was supposed to be a cathartic process. A means to push my mind into pondering and stretching it’s muscles and not turning into the proverbial couch potato. When I had my writing job, I would end up updating my blog INSTEAD of doing my job….then it seemed like an escape, a fun activity to avoid work. And now….

Well now it is feeling more like work….as are my various unfinished art projects and neglected sketchbooks. What is wrong with my brain? The longer I am away from my art desk, the more it feels like my other long lost friends. The ones who don’t seek out my company anymore. Whenever I pass them by, I get that sad feeling in the pit of my stomach and I wonder what changed. Why don’t they miss me? Why don’t they seek me out anymore?

So here I am….typing away….enjoying the tippity tappity sounds of the keyboard as the letters and words form on the screen ….and I wonder why I don’t do it more often…

I’m hearing thunder off in the distance and thinking I really should shut down my computer to avoid it getting fried…and the thought that I SHOULDn’t be typing and going on and on …..makes me WANT to do it. It’s almost as if I can only have fun if I’m NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DOING IT. What I am I, seven years old?



(gee, there’s that echo again….)

Wind and Brains and Pink Stuff, oh my!

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Wow, it's been so long since i've updated anything on here that i actually had to re-enter my password because typepad didn't remember me anymore…..oooops. (Clearly, too much time on facebook playing Scrabble!)

I'm typing today's entry on my brand-spankin-new  laptop of which i am sooo very, very fond! It was my early anniversary present from hubby this year. What can I say – the boy has good taste! (i got to pick it out)

To celebrate our ten year mark, we are gonna go away for a couple nights in Boston while the girls are with their grandparents. We're booked in this hotel that is a renovated warehouse so all the rooms have a really cool loft vibe. I'm really hoping that it is as nice as the pictures show. Either way, it will be awesome because it is right downtown and we can walk all around and reminisce about the days when we lived (and dated) there. We're hoping to meet up with some friends for dinner while we are there too so really looking forward to this trip!

I am betting no one remembers this but around June or so, we had come back from CA with a bright pink plastic house that had been a gift for Mia. After the cat peed in it (the cat that is now no longer living here) I washed it out on the lawn and left it to dry.

Then it blew away.

I was really bummed thinking that it was more likely that someone stole it or that it blew over to a neighbors and a neighbor stole it. Well, either way it was never heard from again….

…until today!

When we came home this afternoon, it was just sitting there on the lawn, wedged up against the playset. With something as large (the girls can stand up in it) and bright pink as that, it is hard to believe it was hiding out anywhere on the property where we could have missed it.

It was a little dirty, but overall in pretty good shape considering it's long stay outside. It doesn't even look like it is faded which really makes me wonder just where it actually was! Hmm….maybe someone DID steal it and during all the high winds we've been experiencing over the last couple days, it blew away from their house and Back to ours! Well, either way, it is back and the girls are totally psyched! They can't wait for me to clean it up so they can play in it again. Bella lectured me several times this afternoon about how I should have put rocks inside to keep it from blowing away and that I had better do that next time I wash it. Okayyy….thanks for appreciating me….rgggh. Nothing like a five year old's view of you for a little humbling. Nice.

Oh, and I read this really cool article today about my not-so-dear-and-yet constant companion, Fibromyalgia….here is an excerpt and a link:

Researchers have detected abnormalities in the brains of people with fibromyalgia, a chronic condition whose symptoms include muscle pain and fatigue.

Some researchers have suggested that the pain of fibromyalgia is the result of depression, but the new study suggests otherwise. The abnormalities were independent of anxiety and depression levels.

Researchers evaluated 20 women diagnosed with fibromyalgia and 10 healthy women without the condition who served as a control group. The researchers performed brain imaging called single photon emission computed tomography, or SPECT.

The imaging showed that women with the syndrome had "brain perfusion" — blood flow abnormalities in their brains. The abnormalities were directly correlated with the severity of disease symptoms.

An increase in blood flow was found in the brain region known to discriminate pain intensity.


ProofThat Fibromyalgia is real

Monday Musings

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Since I’ve been spending all my ‘downtime’ on facebook playing scrabble lately (wanna join me? having a blast!), I don’t really feel like I have much more to update here. Lots of mundane activities posted over there but not really feeling the push to write much….Especially with another weekly deadline looming…

A couple of online updates….rssfwd has totally fixed their glitches and is delivering updates of all my favorite blogs to my email just like they promised and I am LOVING THEM!!!

Also totally grooving on the free online radio station, Pandora. You tell them the stuff you like and they build radio ‘stations’ for you with only the kind of music you like.

So I thought I would give y’all a little survey type info– (please excuse the spacing issues….can’t seem to figure out how to make the lines single spaced! ARRGG)

10 Years Ago I ..

1. Was counting down the days to my wedding (nov 28)

2. Weighed quite a bit more

3. Had red hair and more of it

4. Had lived on the east coast for less than a year

5. Was afraid to trust my own judgment

5 Things on my to do list…
1. Paint the play/artroom
2. backup my files onto a zipdrive
3. Buy my oldest a present for our anniversary (we all get ’em)
4. Finish the laundry

5. Make an eye Dr. appointment

5 Snacks I enjoy…
1. Dark chocolate equal exchange cocoa
2. Thai Kettle Chips
3. Homemade choc.chip cookies (w/ peanut butter inside)
4. Almond Paste
5. Tortilla chips dipped into salsa mixed with sour creme

5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire
1. Fix every stupid thing that is wrong with my house
2. Pay off the mortgage
3. Spend a couple weeks in Paris

4. Attend art retreats I’ve always wanted to go to
5. Hire a maid

5 Places I have lived…
1. Yarmouth, Maine

2. South San Franciso, California
3. Menlo Park, CA
4. Watertown, MA

5. Waltham, MA

5 Jobs I have had…
1. Children’s Shoes Hawker at Nordstrom’s
2. Market Research Survey giver
3. See’s candy hawker
4. Writer
5. Night Janitor

More on that….

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So now that a few days have passed, I'm guessing that the whole the-cat-is-evil schtick was a little over the top. Maybe he was just old and ill and needed some prozak and maybe a couple other social-anxiety-related drugs.

The morning after the last post, I loaded the cat up into it's carrier and the girls and I brought him to the nearest shelter. The ladies there at the intake counter were SO nice. They didn't even raise an eyebrow and acted like it was the most normal thing in the world that we were bringing in one of our cats. I'm guessing she could see the truth of my story (this cat never bonded with our family) when the girls didn't bat an eye at him being brought in and were having a BALL looking at all the kittens and dogs and bunnies and birds. They would have stayed at the pound all day if I'd let them. The place was newly built and was totally state of the art. Shiny glass everywhere and clean……It even smelled good inside. I soooo wanted to bring home one of the bajillion kittens or lonely dogs that were there. But couldn't for two reasons. A/spouse hates all animals on principle and B)How tacky would that be to drop off one animal and then turnaround and ask for another? Yow…even I am not that tacky.

Anyhoo….thank you to everyone who has offered suggestions about what might be the cat's illness and possible ways we could fix him up. Waking up to no new piles of poop or puddles of pee is a lovely thing, let me tell you.

And remember how I told you that the cat peed all over the girls' cute little pink plastic pretend house? I dragged it outside, hosed it down inside and out, sprayed it with enzyme cleaner to hopefully remove all traces of cat pee and then left it outside to dry. Welll….for the last week we seem to have had a rain/thunderstorm everyday. The day after I left it outside to dry (it got rained on so was not dry, obviously), I realized it was not there. I thought maybe hubby moved it somewhere for better lawn mowing access. When I asked him, he said he hadn't seen it at all. So we are guessing that one of two things happened. It could have become airborne and blown away to timbuktu. The second possibility (which my husband insists is the case) is that it blew over to the road and someone drove by, tossed it into their car and drove it to their own home for their own children's delight and amusement. I have been visually scouring the bushes all up and down our block and whenever I'm out driving in the car (okay, yeah, I should be keeping a better eye on the road….), I just refuse to believe that someone snatched it!

I would really like to believe that our neighbors and people driving by are not that heartless. I mean, hello? We live in Maine! Isn't everyone supposed to be nice here? I guess we do have a few drug dealers and pedophiles here and there but man oh man…..seriously? To steal a little girl's pink plastic house? How much of a hardened criminal do you have to be to try that??? Sheesshh…..

I hope they get it home, give it to their kid and then realize that it is making their whole nasty hovel smell like cat pee. Jerks.

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