First Day Of School

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When I was a kid, it hurt my feelings so much when my mom would mention that she couldn’t WAIT for us to be back in school. Now that I’m grown with kids of my own, I have no idea how she survived those summers with her sanity intact.

While seeing the bus drive away with my babies inside makes me sad and a little anxious, the sense of relief that washes over me as I step back inside my quiet house is wonderful. I have my freedom back! If I want, I can watch a whole tv show without pausing for nine “emergencies”. I could go shopping without anyone whining and wanting explanations for why they can’t have everything they see or complaining about the radio station or commenting on my driving. Sweet silence!

Maybe I will just celebrate the first day of school with a quiet cup of coffee…. and a nap. Yeah, a nice quiet nap.


Everyday is brand new start

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Queen Ann's Lace

There is nothing like seeing someone worse off than yourself to really put your problems into perspective.

Spending time with an old friend that has been pushed to her limits of patience and sanity has left me feeling fairly blessed.

Hopefully I didn’t upset any applecarts with those last couple of posts. Usually by the time I have finished typing and hit ‘publish’, I have come to terms with whatever it is I’m writing about. Writing is so cathartic for me. Verbal purging. It also helps to see what I’m feeling or thinking in word form because it helps me find objectivity. So no worrying, okay? I really am okay. I promise!

And on a completely different note—–

The new school year started for my oldest yesterday morning. My friend that is being so beaten down by life had stayed with us for a long weekend to take a brief respite from her life. So in the early afternoon, the was once again empty and it was just me and my happy, bubbly little almost-four year old. Suddenly the house was quiet and peaceful. I started in on the laundry. In a matter of hours I had stripped four beds of all their bedding and brought it all downstairs. By the time I exhaustedly fell into bed last night, the beds all had fresh linens and the dirty ones were a couple of loads away from being completed.

Today I woke up, threw on some clothes and walked my oldest out to the front porch to wait for the bus. The prospect of waking up at a set time each and every morning during the school year has me kind of overwhelmed. With chronic fatigue, I’m never really totally caught up on my sleep. Last year, the bus was coming early enough that my daughter waited for the bus with her dad before he headed out to work. This year, my daughter gets to sleep for an extra half an hour. But I’ve got to put on my big girl panties and suck it up. I’m going to have to get over my night-owl ways. Somehow I’ve got to start falling asleep earlier or I’m going to be getting sick soon. Today was a ‘down’ day as in shifting down to a slower gear. …..Puttering around the house and catching up on my various Facebook games. I still have my lists of “to do” things but today I gave myself permission to kick back a little and mentally recover. For breakfast I had handfuls of cheez-its straight from the box and coffee while I puttered around online catching up on emails and FB posts and responses.

So now I’m noticing that the afternoon sun is shining on the back of the house and I’m thinking that I will try to get a little more done before school is over and the house shifts back into loud, busy gear as we struggle to get dinner on the table, consumed, and then get everyone dressed and out the door for meeting.

Thank you for wasting a little of your time reading.

Onwards and Upwards!

had some play time outside….swing, baby, swing!

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Hopefully, this is working….took me 45 minutes to upload it to youtube….and I have a couple more to do still (you should be able to see the other two once you watch this one….it'll offer you the links). I have like WEEKS of stuff I should be updating this blog about…….stuff that went on….like waking up with a squirrel in my bedroom….good times…..more later then….

The day before….

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Well, we are leaving for our trip tomorrow and I haven’t started packing yet. I’ve been cleaning and been busy trying to get things done around the house. I even tried to finish up some things in the ‘garden’ outside yesterday. We rototilled a big area but it still isn’t suitable for gardening without extra work. I planted a small row of carrot seeds last week. And all around that tiny cultivated row, grass and weeds are trying to take over again. So I spent a couple of hours with various gardening instruments digging and digging and ripping out roots. I did a LOT of rock harvesting. (can you say, "tweaked back"?)

I now have two large piles of rocks containing enough large stones to make my other little garden area quite a bit bigger. Hopefully the weeds won’t assert themselves again while I am away. Only time will tell. I planted some garlic but I was so exhausted when i did it that i think i totally did it wrong. It didn’t occur to be until an hour later that i probably should have seperated the cloves of garlic instead of planting the whole bulb in one spot. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Oh well, it will still grow better than it would have sitting in a bag on the porch, right?

So today i’m trying to finish the cleaning so that I can have a space to open up the suitcases and lay out our clothes and stuff that need to get into them. I have multiple lists of things to bring. Now the challenge will be to get everything for me and the girls in three suitcases. Diapers alone take up a big space. UGH.

Also, i’m trying to whittle down the amount of art supplies I’m bringing. I want to be able to scrapbook, work on some atcs and collage, have the supplies to do a canvas piece for my family while I’m there and also have the paper and whatnot that I will NEED to work on my art journals so that I can maintain my sanity. And all that needs to fit in either my carryon (minus the razor blade and scissors) or my already overstuffed luggage (in my mind it is overstuffed. in reality it is sitting in the hallway, empty and covered in other stuff that needs putting away.).

So….now you are up to date.

Oh yeah, and at some point today i have to pull the plug on my laptop and pack it and the cords and everything up. I feel like i’m going to be ripping off a limb. No internet or email or writing for a couple of days. YIKES.

To those in CA, see you soon!

To those here in ME, miss you already!


The House that PUKE built

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Have you ever walked into a public restroom just as a large-ish elderly person lumbered out in a wake of air that hits you in the face like a brick wall and you realize (too late) that you should have held your breath BEFORE entering?

Well, THAT smell……that is the fragrance permeating my house at the moment.

I was feeling pretty cruddy the other night when I last posted….I didn’t realize until the following morning that it was due to the fact that I was coming down with the flu. Late that night as hubby and I tip-toed in to check on the girls before bed, we found the littlest in a pool of vomit.

Yes, I said it– V O M I T

The funny thing was, we didn’t notice right away because she was sleeping so peacefully, all snuggly tucked in and snoring softly. So of course, we had to wake her up and strip off all the bedding and put clean jammies on her. Then we had to convince her that it was still night time and she had to go back to sleep. Forty-five minutes later we stumbled off to bed ourselves.

Then, the next morning, bright and early, little one barfed again. So of course, the whole strip-off-the-sheets-and-clothes started again. Except this time a bath was completely unavoidable (did i mention that the smell of vomit was making my already ill stomach want to join in the fun?). While in the bath, I decided that it was time for me to finally cut her hair. I don’t know why I make these kinds of decisions when I have fevers and am vaguely aware that I am not thinking clearly.

517cropped So, now with three or four less inches of hair, Mia looks even MORE like Shirley Temple (as a cute little singing and tap dancing child, not the way she looks now, all old and wrinkled). The wonderful thing about curly hair is that it hides any potential imperfections in haircuts. And she has this giant curl that refuses to hang down anywhere but right down the middle of her forehead. It isn’t really showing well in this photo but when she is feeling better I plan to take more pictures of her little short ‘do’.

So by the next round of puking, it was great because her hair came out unscathed since it was shorter and not available as her catch-all. (if I related to you the things that we have found in her hair, you would lose your lunch right here and now and there has just been enough puking around here already).

So needless to say, a few days later, the puking is still going on a little here and there but seems to be slowing down a bit and more stuff is staying INSIDE where it belongs. I have completely lost count of the times I have changed the sheets in the girls’ room. The washer and dryer have been chugging away almost constantly for the last three days and the pile of regular laundry is sitting there waiting for it’s turn.

So, after this long whine about puke and hair and fevers and headaches (did i forget to mention those?), I will just include an fyi that this is the first time I had the patience to deal with my annoying laptop to get the thing to let me look at my mail. Stupid msn keeps "updating" hotmail and/or their browser and it is causing me more problems than ever. I just didn’t have the energy or interest to look at it before now and it’s going to take me forever to get caught up. So that is my long excuse for why I haven’t returned anyone’s emails.

The End.

grumble grumble grumble….

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Grumble grumble, grrrrr…..*sigh*

I’m huddled over a warm, steaming bowl-ish cup of cocoa. I’m waiting for its magical properties to bring back any sense of personality or desire to DO something.

I’m so tired.

No, I do not go to bed when i am tired.

That is just wrong. I don’t know why…. but it is. If you are a grownup and you go to bed before 11pm, there is just something very wrong with you and your grownup privileges should be revoked.

Maybe it has something to do with all the caffeine I consume.

I’m feeling like I’m suspended in a weird pre-traveling limbo. I’m dying of anticipation for my three week vacation back home to CA in May. It is more than a month away….and I’m dying for time to start moving more quickly and for the next month to be over and done with. Unfortunately, if that really happened, the actual three weeks of vacation would ALSO fly by and be over way too quickly and BOOOOO! THAT WOULD BE BAD.

It’s not as if there isn’t a bunch of GREAT stuff going on between now and then either. I have friends visiting from out of town (ugh…i will never get my house clean by then), there is a fun girls-night-out clothes swap planned for next weekend. There is also a great going away party scheduled and i’m sure SOMETHING else good will probably be happening between now and then…..but for some reason my life is on hold. Like, I can’t be doing anything interesting or remotely fun unless it has something to do with planning or preparing for May. How sad is that….

(rhetorical…please do not tell me).

Oh yeah, and I have a talk to write….and a bunch of business articles. And I’m not allowed to use the credit card between now and then ’cause the balance is getting up too high again and we need to pay it down if we have a vacation coming up. Oh yeah, and the company (fairpoint) that bought hubby’s company (verizon) is like 14 (or 17?) million dollars too light in the loafers and so potentially all the perks of his job (like ten dollar copays) will be flying out the window shortly. Oh yeah, and they might be laying some people off because with no money they won’t be able to afford all the employees. So yeah, when the sole wage earner of the household could potentially at some point be out of work with few prospects, that would be bad.

Actually, i can’t think of a single VALID reason that i’m in a dark mood.

I just am.

I just want to sit in front of the television and vegetate. Unfortunately, there are already a pair of males parked there watching, of all things, HOCKEY. Who watches hockey? It’s bad enough that football season lasts for most of the year. Then of course there is baseball and basketball and god forbid CURLING should be on any channel at any time of the day on any day of the week …ugh.

I really hate sports.


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Today was kinda gray….but the sunset thru the icicles was kinda cool.

I worked on a collage that is not quite there yet…here’s a pic of half of it….


I’ve been feeling cruddy so I kinda let the girls take root as couch potatos….Bella’s playing games on the computer upstairs and Mia is telling the cartoon animals on noggin what to do. She was very concerned when Oswalds friends were all stuck together with honey. "OH NO DA HONEY!!! MAMA, AWW STUCKA HONEY!"


As a footnote, I’m a little unsettled over becoming one of those people who is now classified in an entirely different age group when taking surveys. You know the ones where you check the box that includes your age, "15-21, 22-29, 30-34, etc….". I mean, I am in full agreement that any day that you wake up on the right side of the grass is a GOOD day so i’m not going to whine and moan about my age. All it would take is one not-so-great dr’s diagnosis and I’d really be counting the days and praying for another one….so no, i’m not going to complain about being a year older.

’nuff said.

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