Still alive – just sayin’

June 21, 2012 at 2:18 am | Posted in health | Leave a comment
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Yes, I’m still alive. Thanks to the bronchitis that wouldn’t quit I’ve been laid up on the couch, hacking up a lung for much longer than any normal person would expect. I finally cried “uncle!” yesterday and took myself to the doctor. Now I’m taking my antibiotics and worrying about the good bacteria that it is killing off. I read recently that taking antibiotics messes with your body’s ability to know when your stomach is full and so it neglects to send out the hormone that tells you that you’ve eaten enough. The study suggested that our huge population of fatties (the scientific term) was likely due to this.

Also, i learned while reading a random poster at the doctor’s office that 95% of your sertonin is generated in your intestines. So maybe antibiotics are to blame for depression too since it kills off the good stuff in your intestines.

Anyhoo…. on the mend. Still coughing my head off but there is hope in sight so…. yay.


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