Beach baby

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I burn if i look out the window and a tiny sliver of sunlight touches me so generally I avoid the beach. But kids love water and sand and the weatherman predicted temperatures in the 90’s today so off to the (lake) beach we went!





Day at the beach

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Since the weather folks said that it would be really warm today with thunderstorms holding off until the afternoon, we planned a last hurrah trip to the beach. We decided to go to Pinepoint Beach here in Maine. A warm day is the perfect day for the ocean! My youngest really wanted to go to the “flat beach” with the “flat water” (the lake). So with a sigh she gave in to the plan for a trip to the ocean as long as she got to bring her “special yellow” beach towel.

When we arrived at around 10:30am, the fog was thick but seemed to be gradually pulling away.

We slathered ourselves and the children with sunscreen and set them free to run.

foggy beach

After heading directly for the water, they decided to work on digging a large hole instead.

The hole begins....

The tide was coming in and bringing with it lots of ground of red and brown seaweed. Ick.

completed hole/giant trench

I spent a little time in the water and then just got too grossed out. The giant clouds of red/brown ick was warm and I started imagining that it looked a lot like sewage. So, yeah, I was pretty much done playing in the water at that point. Also, it started getting windier and colder. Most of the late morning and afternoon was spent huddled under towels and blankets and trying to get warm. Then, it started sprinkling. THEN it started raining. People all around us started packing up and heading home. Since I followed my friends to this beach, I didn’t know how to get back to the highway so I had to wait for them to be ready before I could leave. In anticipation though, I packed up most of our beach gear, got back under my towels and blanket and waited.

shivering beach goers

The sunglasses mostly kept the rain out of my eyes.

In time, the rain passed on but man, what a great day for the beach. Since we all had things to do in the afternoon and evening (packing for camping and getting ready for our family worship night) we couldn’t stick around all day waiting for good weather. FINALLY it was time to leave.

On the way back, we stopped at a relatively clean gas station to use the bathroom. While waiting in the car I noted their advertisement for an “expanded wine selection” (which was proudly displayed on a 3×3 foot wire shelf in the back of the store,  next to the entrance to the restroom). Cause yeah, you definitely want to shop for wine at the gas station. And when you do, you want to choose one with an expanded selection. LOL

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