Day at the beach

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Since the weather folks said that it would be really warm today with thunderstorms holding off until the afternoon, we planned a last hurrah trip to the beach. We decided to go to Pinepoint Beach here in Maine. A warm day is the perfect day for the ocean! My youngest really wanted to go to the “flat beach” with the “flat water” (the lake). So with a sigh she gave in to the plan for a trip to the ocean as long as she got to bring her “special yellow” beach towel.

When we arrived at around 10:30am, the fog was thick but seemed to be gradually pulling away.

We slathered ourselves and the children with sunscreen and set them free to run.

foggy beach

After heading directly for the water, they decided to work on digging a large hole instead.

The hole begins....

The tide was coming in and bringing with it lots of ground of red and brown seaweed. Ick.

completed hole/giant trench

I spent a little time in the water and then just got too grossed out. The giant clouds of red/brown ick was warm and I started imagining that it looked a lot like sewage. So, yeah, I was pretty much done playing in the water at that point. Also, it started getting windier and colder. Most of the late morning and afternoon was spent huddled under towels and blankets and trying to get warm. Then, it started sprinkling. THEN it started raining. People all around us started packing up and heading home. Since I followed my friends to this beach, I didn’t know how to get back to the highway so I had to wait for them to be ready before I could leave. In anticipation though, I packed up most of our beach gear, got back under my towels and blanket and waited.

shivering beach goers

The sunglasses mostly kept the rain out of my eyes.

In time, the rain passed on but man, what a great day for the beach. Since we all had things to do in the afternoon and evening (packing for camping and getting ready for our family worship night) we couldn’t stick around all day waiting for good weather. FINALLY it was time to leave.

On the way back, we stopped at a relatively clean gas station to use the bathroom. While waiting in the car I noted their advertisement for an “expanded wine selection” (which was proudly displayed on a 3×3 foot wire shelf in the back of the store,  next to the entrance to the restroom). Cause yeah, you definitely want to shop for wine at the gas station. And when you do, you want to choose one with an expanded selection. LOL


Mirror Neurons

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Very interesting tidbit of Aspie information…. about the brain recognizing (or actually, NOT recognizing sarcasm):


The frontal lobe of the brain affects several processes such as speech, expressive language, emotion, reaction, habits, and judgment. The imaging that has been done suggests that this area of the brain grows and develops much more slowly while other areas grow more rapidly. What you often get is a gifted student that does not know how to deal with people.

New studies that have been released over the past year have begun to explain what is not working correctly. We learn by the process of copying each other. We say things other people we know say. We eat things other people we know eat. We do things that other people we know do. We learn from them.


In the brain we have neurons. Little chemical signals that control what the brain does. These ones have been labeled “mirror” neurons because they make your brain think you are actually doing what you are watching someone else do. People with Autistic spectrums do not produce these neurons when they see someone else doing things. Therefore, if they see someone making a movement with their face and they don’t know what it means, they are not going to repeat the seemingly useless gesture at the right time, if at all. After a while they might stop paying attention to the movement at all.


Sarcasm is cue based. The words are the same but the voice changes. This would be considered a subtle cue and these are often missed. Analogies are not understood unless the connection is understood.

But there is hope. Specific training can often be highly effective in helping Aspergers children learn the skills needed.


Basically, Aspergers is treated by training the child how the world outside of their mind works. Because they have trouble recognizing that other people are having different thoughts than them, they have to be taught this. Once they have learned that, they can be trained to respond to other people in a way that will help them get what they need. Then they will be taught about relationships and the give and take of conversations and friendships.


taken from the newsletter which you can subscribe to (free):

Snip! Snip! Snip!

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As it is a rite of passage for most kids, it didn’t come as any HUGE surprise when my oldest came running yelling, “MOMMA MOMMA CUPPY CUT HER HAIR! SHE CUT HER HAIR!!!“.

When I was a kid, I was smart enough to cut my siblings hair instead of massacring my own lovely locks. I was pretty smart like that. Plus, I thought she looked great! At the time I imagined my little silver safety scissors with the red rubber grips as being the perfect salon stylist’s tools and that I actually knew what I was doing. Not so completely different from the way I cut my girl’s heads of hair now, actually. I just get away with it a little more smoothly.

Much like my littlest sister’s similar escapade, my little one snip snip snipped her hair off and left it in little curly hunks all over her room. (My sister hid her hatched off hunks of hair under our little brother’s crib.) When my little one was finished with her beauty work, she carefully put the nail scissors back into the drawer they came from. (I thought that was a nice touch. She may learn some stealth yet.)

So, to commemorate this rite of passage and the accompanying trip down memory lane, I’m posting some after-the-fact pictures.

CuppyCutHerOwnHair 010

This is the hair in my hand. There was a LOT of it. Below is a very well deserved guilty face. (You can see she also had some fun with a box of tissues which were strewn around the room and underfoot.)

CuppyCutHerOwnHair 003

CuppyCutHerOwnHair 009

CuppyCutHerOwnHair 005

Below is a close-up shot…I think she decided that she was sick of her hair being in her eyes because she cut every that would have been right above her forehead and a couple inches from her hairline. Thank goodness, it is curly hair and it hides a myriad of “beauty faux pas”!

CuppyCutHerOwnHair 002

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