Picnic- Portland’s Art & Music Festival

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I quit.

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Well, that’s that. I’ve been writing for an entrepreneurial website for over a year now. And it has been sucking my creative juices DRY. I haven’t worked on an art project in the last year because there was just nothing left in me to do it. Meanwhile, I sit in my art room at my laptop, surrounded my art supplies and a desire to have the time and creative energy to do it.

So I quit.

I quit my writing job. Frankly, writing doesn’t pay jack. I would discourage anyone pursuing a career in writing to have a plan B. It is creatively gratifying to have a body of work that you can look at and say, “Look! I did this!”. But your bank account will be sadly empty. Sooo…after weighing the pros and cons and really wrangling with myself, I finally called it quits on the writing job.

Now I feel like I have some non-guilt-laden time (because i feel like i should be doing something else) to actually do something that I love to do. Ironically I have a lot of guilt over not working on my art as well. Guilt really seems to be a reoccurring theme with me lately.

So onwards and upwards!

ART ROOM (and playrooom)

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Since my browser keeps crashing everytime I try to upload the photos here, you can see the pictures of my new and improved art room at flickr…. Here is the link:


Sunday Evening…

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I used my Gocco for the first time last night…very exciting! So exciting in fact, that the horror of making a mistake nearly gave me a stroke! More on that later….

In the meantime, I wanted to direct attention to a fabulous article written by the author of the AMAZING books, “Journal Revolution”

Journalrevolution Visualchronicles

and “Visual Chronicles” about art journalling and scrapbooking. VERY COOL

“Journal Revolution”

HERE is a link to the article:


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