Still alive – just sayin’

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Yes, I’m still alive. Thanks to the bronchitis that wouldn’t quit I’ve been laid up on the couch, hacking up a lung for much longer than any normal person would expect. I finally cried “uncle!” yesterday and took myself to the doctor. Now I’m taking my antibiotics and worrying about the good bacteria that it is killing off. I read recently that taking antibiotics messes with your body’s ability to know when your stomach is full and so it neglects to send out the hormone that tells you that you’ve eaten enough. The study suggested that our huge population of fatties (the scientific term) was likely due to this.

Also, i learned while reading a random poster at the doctor’s office that 95% of your sertonin is generated in your intestines. So maybe antibiotics are to blame for depression too since it kills off the good stuff in your intestines.

Anyhoo…. on the mend. Still coughing my head off but there is hope in sight so…. yay.


Fatty Fatty Boom-ba-latty

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First, I should address the fact that it has been forever and a day since I have posted anything here. My excuse? FACEBOOK.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook since it allows me to stay in touch with friends and family all over the country and some even in other countries. No long distance bills! The downside is, it is so much easier to post a line about what I’m doing at the moment than to log in here, think for half a minute and write about what is on my mind. And the longer I neglect this site, the more guilty I feel, and the more guilty I feel, the more fabulous I think my ‘come back’ post will need to be. Silly, I know.

So I’m just going to add a post and pretend like any readers here are also on Facebook, reading my every post and are totally up to date with what is going on with me. (sorry)

Since I was low on time recently, I wrote a post on a scrap of paper and left it for later. It is now later. So I will just type it in here—-


So here’s the thing- I recently discovered that I am a big fat pig. This is relative of course. I used to be bigger. Quite a bit bigger. When I was several sizes larger that I am now, I thought of myself as “chubby”. Even at my chubbiest though, I never thought of myself with that derogatory word, “fat”. But when I look at photos of myself from that time period A-OOOO-GA! CHUB-O!

But back to the present….

I was a size 8 and occasionally, when all digestive funtions were working well, a size 6.

Now, I am not. My jeans LITERALLY hurt me after a few hours when I wear my size 8’s. So now I am wearing a 10. Is it healthy to define yourself by a size number? No, of course not.

Do I? Yes. Yes, I do.

Soooooo…..I got a dog. I didn’t get a dog JUST because of the whole fatso thing. But the idea of a creature that would demand that I take it on a walk for it’s own health and well-being was very attractive.

In truth, I’ve wanted a dog since I was a kid. Okay, to be honest, “kid-ish” would be a more appropriate term. I had dogs growing up. When I moved out on my own, I got a very tiny puppy who cried all night for a week and caused me to go nearly insane with sleep deprivation. I gave him back.

Later, I got a Maine Coon cat who acts like a very priveledged dog….except for the whole giving affection thing. No affection. Soooo not a dog.

But a couple of weeks ago (now over a month) I FINALLY got a dog. I’ve been walking him for about 30-40 minutes a day. Unfortunately, no miraculous weight loss has yet occurred.


Better Living Through Chemicals

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It’s been over a year since the pharmacy switched my name brand Welbutrin to the generic formula. I can’t even pinpoint when my life started fading to black. My life was getting more and more grey and the desire to really live was getting weaker. Sort of like a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling of a house on the edge of town where the electricity is just not strong enough to power ALL the appliances. They fight for power and the bulb ends up fading and burning a tiny bit brighter now and again… and eventually the occupants of the house just become accustomed to living in the dim light, completely forgetting what it was like to not exist in shadows.

The dark days were multiplying to the point where it was scaring me. Numbness doesn’t move you to pick up the phone. But fear sometimes does. Thus, the call to the good ol’ doc. He suggested I add an SSRI to my daily drug regimen. My liver and kidneys are working too hard as it is to siphon that stuff out. And I had heard several times, from several different sources, about the lack of potency that seems apparent in many of the generic forms of certain drugs. So, instead of adding MORE pills, I suggested that we try an experiment. Doc was cool with it, so he prescribed me the name brand pills. So I’m back to taking the purple Welbutrin pills. My insurance charges me more for the name brand. But for once, they don’t get to make that final call on what I take.

Since I was due for the lovely (sooo not) PMS part of my cycle just days after switching to the purple pills, I wondered if I would feel a difference. After all, it usually takes a while for most drugs to reach their full potency. The last few months have been progressively worst. And my darkest days, where there seemed to be an angry storm cloud casting destructive lightning bolts about in my life, were during the pms part of my cycle. So I swallowed my pills and sat back to wait for the horrible intensity that those dark days usually bring with them.

The days came and went and weren’t quite so intense. More grey than black. Just avoiding days of being overwhelmed with the ridiculousness of my existence was such a relief. I didn’t really think the switch back to the name brand would make me a bouncy cheerleader. But I had hoped that they would at least make life bearable. And it seemed like they were doing the trick!

I’m just about finished with the first month’s worth of name brand pills and have had several really GOOD days. Days when I work up wanting to get out of bed. Days when I DIDN’T want to just curl up and suffer through the hours or lie on the couch and wait for the numb day to be over. I cleaned up the shambles of the playroom. Organized all the toys. Disposed of the broken or hopelessly sticky ones. Then, the next day I started in on the cacophony of my art desk. The pile was so high that you couldn’t see where the chair was since it just sort of supported one side of the mountain of STUFF. And, at the end of the day. I got my desk back. My laptop moved out of the living room which had become sort of my makeshift hospital bed. Now my laptop is back on my art desk where it belongs. My notebooks are lined up in a row. A couple of them now even have some new layers of paint on them! I feel like I’m waking up from a long sleep….I numbly wandered through the days….missing the happiness that doing my little art projects generated. But unable to even begin one.

Now I’m hooked up to my ipod and enjoying the music instead of using it as a means to block out the world of childish chatter that was driving me to the edge. I got teary eyed explaining how much better I was feeling to my friend who has been going through the same experience with HER Welbutrin. Due to some spine issues, I’ve had headaches the last couple of days (and my intolerance to heat and humidity). But the headaches are not the last straw that is breaking my back. They are just background noise. My desire to DO is overcoming them! I can’t remember the last time I felt way. It’s been more than a year.

So guess what, world….I’m baaaaack!!!

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