New Windham Goodwill

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Last week the bigger brand new Windham Goodwill opened its doors for the first time. The old location was small and, except for their books, there was not ever enough space to have much of a selection. The construction of the new location (off of 302 down the same driveway/road that you take to go to Walmart) had me pretty excited all winter in eager expectation of the grand opening!


So I finally checked it out today for the first time. The floor plan is identical to the fairly new Auburn location. Like the Auburn store, it was well organized, clean, and well lit. However, like most of the Goodwills I’ve been to in the past six months or so, the prices were higher than they really should be. When the sign reads, “Dresses $4.99”, then the majority of the dresses should be that price. Not $7.99, 9.99, and $14.99! Come on now, Goodwill. You get the clothes FOR FREE. Why do you have to be greedy about it?

However, one good thing about a grand opening location is that it is stocked full of the best stuff for at least the first few weeks or so. This means lots of items in like new condition or with the original tags still on them. Normally, if I see an item marked at more than the standard rack price ($4.99), if it isn’t on sale, I just keep on walking. However, today I ended up trying on a few of them and falling so deeply in love that they came home with me. Not all of them, mind you. But several. I found a well made, heavy weight cotton DKNY sundress, tags still on it, that wasn’t see through, can be washed, and fit me like a dream! I’ve been searching recently for a bright white light sweater made of natural fabrics and found a gorgeous cotton one by Bass that was just what I’ve been searching for and was brand new with the original store tags to boot! I found a few other like new quality pieces and some really cute kids clothes (at the standard $1.99 price point Sweet!) for my girls.



I also found a pair of vintage lace-up shoes that were new old stock. There were a couple of identical pairs with traces of the tissue paper they were wrapped in still on them. I’m guessing they are from the 60’s or early 70’s. Love! I also noticed a large number of pairs donated from L.L.Beans. Typically, GW marks them way too high so I just wait till they go on clearance or end up at the Buy-The-Pound location (more on that later). But I found a pair of kid-leather soft tie up booties that were mistakenly displayed in the men’s section. (Not only do female customers hide shoes in that isle, but there are enough careless/dumb employees who stock women’s shoes in that isle that it is always worth perusing, just in case.) They were brand new but marked a crazy $14.99. I put one on before I realized this and the softness and comfort had already sucked me in. I walked around the store for the next hour or so with that one bootie on one foot and my croc on the other, just to test it out to see if the cushy softness would eventually wear off and dissolve into discomfort. Surprisingly the cushy soft magic didn’t wear off in all that time so I ended up reasoning that I’d never be able to afford those boots, even on clearance outlet prices, if i bought them anywhere else. So with that justification in mind, they also came home with me.

While walking around, I overheard one woman say to her friend, “I’ll be honest with you – I’m not impressed.” I heard this same basic conversation several times. Also, sometimes the people doing the pricing get a little TOO excited when an item still has its store tags. Every so often, you find one that is priced at MORE than the original tag. Tsk, tsk! Shame on you, GW!


All in all, it was a fun afternoon and I left with quite a bit of stuff I was excited about. I don’t have any plans to rush back there anytime soon. But I did leave with treasures, which IS the real point to a trip to GW, afterall.


Glorious weather…

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After days and days of dark skies and downpours and thunder and lighting (felt like we were living in a black and white old Frankenstein movie) the SUN IS SHINING ONCE MORE!!!

It is truly remarkable how the weather and seasons effect a person’s mood, especially in New England. The negative ions and rain have made the air smell great and trees and lawns are so lush and green now. It makes want to go outside and play just as much as my six year old!

The sun streaming in the windows and mild, warm temperatures makes me want to dig in and get some cleaning and organizing done. The washer and dryer all already going. My daily postcard is already in the mailbox waiting on the mail lady (we seem to have only women postmen. Not sure why. And different ones depending on the day. Is this the route that nobody wants? Weird.). I’m thinking it’s time to finally rid myself of the mountains of recyclables filling the mudroom.

I hope your day is equally sunshiny!


First Snow Fall

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This morning we awoke to find our world coated in a beautiful dusting of white. The first snowfall of the year is always so magical. I’m still infatuated with it during this time of year. By about January I’m TOTALLY ready to breakup and move to Bali. But right now I’m watching it fall softly out the window and loving every minute of it.

While I’m home nesting in this cold weather, I think I may try to catch up on some of my projects. The mountain of dishes in the sink, for one. Secondly, I will try to work on getting Bella’s school pictures sent out. Before the end of the year would be great! I printed out a bunch of other pics that I want to send along with them. Now I just need to figure out where they are all going!

Goodwill ROCKS

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I got to contribute a little something over at the Goodwill blog as a guest blogger. After reading it through, there are some glaring typographical errors and one or two sentences that sort of make no sense but hopefully no one will look to closely.

Anyhoo…if you want to check it out, it is about thrifting, my second favorite pasttime!


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Well, being a New Englander, I figured it was about time that I tried my hand at preparing fish. Fish is plentiful here and I keep hearing about how inexpensive it is. So, while doing the weekly grocery shopping, I moseyed on up to the fish counter to see what was what. I ended up with a few weekly specials in my cart, one of which was previously frozen so needed cooking pronto. On my last GW excursion, I picked up a couple of fish related cookbooks, so armed with my little bit of knowledge (yes, a dangerous thing), I paid for my fish and scurried on home. Being that I don’t cook ….(frozen pizza and personalized mac and cheese are house specialties at cafe caserio), I felt like quite the brave little toaster.


After checking out the recipes for ‘flounder’, I settled on frying as my cooking method of choice. I always err on the side of white trash cuisine, afterall. So, this afternoon, I whipped out the bread crumbs, threw in some dried onion, chipotle, and some thyme from the garden, dipped the fillets in some egg, then the bread crumb mountain and then plopped them into the frying pan. I let my five year old smell the thyme before I used it, so she was eager to try it after it was cooked (am I a genius, or what??). I was quite pleased with the finished product. It was, in a word, YUM. Who knew fish could be tasty (outside of salmon, that is)??? My five year old liked it so much that she has been sneaking additional bites for the last half hour, while I pretend not to notice. How funny is that ?? A kid SNEAKING FISH ???? Still laughing over that one….

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