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Could I do it?

I ran across a blog where a man is dedicated to discarding something everyday.


Actually, what he said was, “Starting July 1, and every day for a year, I will get rid of something. I will donate, discard, re-gift or recycle some bit of debris accumulating in my house. Anything non-perishable considered, exempting books and music.”

In MY house books should definitely be part of the discard. Hundreds of books overflowing bookcases at every turn. Piles of books I intend to read stacked under my bed, in boxes and drawers, occupying every available space in the house! Hoarding runs in my family and all my life I’ve been in love with thrifting and treasure hunting at the local Goodwill store. So I’m sure I cannot avoid those tendencies entirely. I willingly purge every now and again. I even have really organized friends help me purge cupboards and tiny areas of the house. But it seems like every room of the house seems to still have areas that attract clutter like a giant nuclear powered magnet!

I would love to list my treasures and favorite vintage pieces that I’ve found. But then hubby would see it and demand that I return it. Sooo….that is not an option.

But then again, I keep saying that I’m going to start listing some of my extra treasures on my favorite shopping sites, eBay and etsy. For instance, I found a realllly vintage Pinocchio Head Disney Bank. It even has the stopper. I’m not in love with it. I actually bought it with the intention of selling it. I don’t lack for motivation (I need the cash!). But getting started seems like an overwhelming task. Does anyone have any motivation tips that keep things from getting overwhelming?



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I don’t know how many of you are like me and wait ’till the last possible moment to gather up clothes for a clothes swap (yeah, it is days away now)….I just pulled my warm clothes out of the attic last night (and including the girls’ clothes, there were like seven or so GIANT bins of clothes…my back! UGH!).

So now I have to sort through what is going to fit the girls and myself and what needs cleaning and discarding, etc….The washing machine is already chugging away. For the first swap, I sent along with the invitations a couple of magazine articles on sorting and weeding out clothes. One was from an old Awake! magazine and the other was from a women’s general interest magazine. Well, now of course, I can’t locate either of them. (I swear they are here SOMEWHERE!! ) So instead, I thought I would forward on a few helpful websites with cool tips for "Weeding out your closet". I love that freshly purged feeling of a closet where I can actually MOVE the hangers back and forth on the rod. LOLCloset

For anyone interested, I pushed things a little too hard this weekend and now I’m forced to keep myself and Mia sequestered to the HOUSE OF GERMS while we try to kick this bug. Ugh. I hate this. Just when I thought everyone was all better, turns out, …..Nope.

So while I am curled up on the couch or at the computer trying hard not to think about the strange gurgling noises coming from my insides, I figured I would pass on some cool closet-cleaning tips I found.

First, here are a few sites for reference…great tips!

A Cluttered Closet: Before and After


How to Weed Your Closet

Top Ten Guidelines for Organizing The Closet of a Highly Successful Person

less is more: downsizing and decluttering your wardrobe


I thought the "How to weed your closet" site was the most concise. Here is what it had to say:

Need more closet space?

If you’re like me, you actually build upper-body strength – shoving things back and forth along the closet rack – every time you pick out something to wear. It’s a workout, just trying to find that favorite jacket or skirt. When I do find it, I often have to pull out the iron to touch up my crushed garment before I get dressed.

Maybe it’s time to get ruthless. Here are a few quick pointers.

First, make four piles:

1) KEEP (These items are great and will go back in the closet.)

2) REPAIR (These need mending, cleaning, hemming, buttons, or alterations.)

3) GIVE AWAY (These will go to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or another charity.)

4) TRASH (These are unsalvageable and will be tossed.)

If possible, enlist the counsel of a trusted friend. Pick someone who will be tactful, but honest, as you sort through your wardrobe. (My teen daughter is painfully honest with me about fashion. Recently, she urged me to donate my fancy dresses to the church costume department. "These look like something people would wear in Bible times!" she said.)

As you sort through every item in your closet, try each item on. Look in the mirror, and ask yourself these questions:

* "When was the last time I wore this?" (If it’s been more than a year, GIVE AWAY or TRASH the item.)

* What do I have that goes with this item? (Maybe you bought it for nearly nothing on sale, but it’s worthless if it doesn’t make an outfit.)

* "Why don’t I wear this more often?" (If it needs a REPAIR, put it in that pile. Otherwise, GIVE AWAY or TRASH it.)

* "How does this look on me?" (KEEP the item only if you still like the way it looks.)

Many women hold onto outgrown items, hoping for the day when they fit again. Isn’t it better to discard those things now, and reward yourself with something new when you reach your weight goal?

Once you have sorted, decided, and discarded . . . you have the wonderful opportunity of arranging your closet . . . by color, by outfit, by garment type, or however you like. What a feeling!

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