Doing less ….and proud of it!

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I’ve been really proud of myself lately…..for doing less.

Okay, your first response is likely “okayyyy, she is proud of being lazy. What a quality human being.” (But only if you are as sarcastic as I am.)

So here is the deal. I’ve been so addicted to being online lately — spending lots and lots of time, mostly on facebook. I update my status, check up on the status changes of my friends, play a turn in each of my scrabble games (20 or so?), do stuff in my various facebook games and blamo, seven hours have gone by. I really hate that. Seven hours with nothing to show for it.

And I’m STILL procrastinating when it comes to getting to work on some art. (I was going to break out my GOCCO and whip up some invitations for the clothes swap for my friends that don’t have email. It is next Sunday and that still hasn’t happened.)

I keep thinking that I will have permission to do some art as soon as the house is clean. The laundry is ALMOST done. The dishes are close to being done. But neither really gets completed. EVER. So I never get to working on any of my art projects…..or my other ‘projects’ around the house either. My pantry is still all torn apart from my reorganization project there. The baskets are in place with labels. But there are still a couple dozen cans and containers strewn about on the pantry floor and stacked up, blocking the microwave. I really should get back to that.

So anyhow, I have been successful at NOT logging into facebook for a day or two here and there. I’ve been skipping days. Which, to me, is total success! Unfortunately, with the new tv season starting, I’ve been spending more time crashed out on the couch, watching stuff that I’ve recorded on the DVR. Not really a success story.

But tomorrow is another day, right???

Speaking of days, I got the coolest journal the other day. It is a five year journal. Each page is marked with a date and blank where the year should go. The idea is, you write one line or so each day and then as time passes, you can compare what you were up to during that same time period the year or years before. Now, given my history with journals, I don’t have complete confidence that I will maintain this journal. But the idea that you are only required to write ONE SINGLE line each day doesn’t seem so overwhelming. And the funny thing is, I can’t seem to keep myself from writing as much as will fit into the tiny space in the tiniest writing I can do….so I end up writing quite a bit more than a single line. Kinda like I’m outsmarting my procrastinating self. *smirk*

Anyhoo….we went apple picking today at the Thompson’s Orchard here in New Gloucester. By a half hour into it, we were all shedding our sweaters and sweatshirts because the sun was shining and it was starting to get really warm. Of course, Susan and I were also sweating from carrying all the bags of apples. One by one, the girls filled them up until they were just too heavy and awkward for them to handle and they handed them off to us.

It was SUCH a great day for it. I’m so glad Susan thought of it. And since it was completely spontaneous, I didn’t have to spend any time dreading running out of energy before we could go like I usually do when I know there is an event coming up within a few days. I end up exhausting myself before the event even happens. (THAT is how much a dread deadlines these days…I am so much more neurotic than I ever used to be —- and that is saying something.)

So now you are pretty much up to date on what is going on over in my little corner or the world. Oh yeah, I forgot– I still owe a couple friends circle journey books. I have no excuse. They send letters and postcards and emails reminding me and I keep forgetting. Sorry, ladies. And you friends who haven’t returned the circle journey books TO ME in a few years. SHAME ON YOU!! LOG OFF RIGHT NOW AND GO FIND IT!!! I mean it! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE !!!!

Oh yeah, one more tid bit….a brother has been stripping the paint off of the front porch and one side of the house and is going to start repainting it. It already looks soooo much better! Wait till you see it!


Thoughts skittering around in my mind…..

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So here’s the thing….I don’t get this blog (typepad) for free. It costs money. Not a lot. But enough that if I’m not using it, I might as well just be tossing the currency out the window and letting the wind take it away….

Part of me is disheartened that almost no one even checks up on it anymore. That same part misses all the blogs that my email used to alert me about all the time. I can hardly even remember now what they were. About the only use my laptop gets anymore is updating my facebook status and waiting for my friends and family to do the same.

The other part is trying to kick my brain in gear and remind myself that this was supposed to be a cathartic process. A means to push my mind into pondering and stretching it’s muscles and not turning into the proverbial couch potato. When I had my writing job, I would end up updating my blog INSTEAD of doing my job….then it seemed like an escape, a fun activity to avoid work. And now….

Well now it is feeling more like work….as are my various unfinished art projects and neglected sketchbooks. What is wrong with my brain? The longer I am away from my art desk, the more it feels like my other long lost friends. The ones who don’t seek out my company anymore. Whenever I pass them by, I get that sad feeling in the pit of my stomach and I wonder what changed. Why don’t they miss me? Why don’t they seek me out anymore?

So here I am….typing away….enjoying the tippity tappity sounds of the keyboard as the letters and words form on the screen ….and I wonder why I don’t do it more often…

I’m hearing thunder off in the distance and thinking I really should shut down my computer to avoid it getting fried…and the thought that I SHOULDn’t be typing and going on and on …..makes me WANT to do it. It’s almost as if I can only have fun if I’m NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DOING IT. What I am I, seven years old?



(gee, there’s that echo again….)

Be more daring….

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To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily.

Not to dare is to lose oneself.

— Soren Kierkegaard

Everytime I sit down to write an article or a blog post or to stare at a blank canvas, I am afraid. Afraid that the ideas may not come, afraid that I will be disappointed in the end result, afraid that I will waste the supplies and wish that I had them to use later….

And yet, if I do not dare….there are no blog posts, no articles written (no $$ !), and bare walls because there are no canvas pieces to fill them….and worse than that, no reflection of who I am inside….the side that no one else will ever see if I do not dare to create. That is truly losing oneself.

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