Glorious weather…

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After days and days of dark skies and downpours and thunder and lighting (felt like we were living in a black and white old Frankenstein movie) the SUN IS SHINING ONCE MORE!!!

It is truly remarkable how the weather and seasons effect a person’s mood, especially in New England. The negative ions and rain have made the air smell great and trees and lawns are so lush and green now. It makes want to go outside and play just as much as my six year old!

The sun streaming in the windows and mild, warm temperatures makes me want to dig in and get some cleaning and organizing done. The washer and dryer all already going. My daily postcard is already in the mailbox waiting on the mail lady (we seem to have only women postmen. Not sure why. And different ones depending on the day. Is this the route that nobody wants? Weird.). I’m thinking it’s time to finally rid myself of the mountains of recyclables filling the mudroom.

I hope your day is equally sunshiny!



Less 365

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Could I do it?

I ran across a blog where a man is dedicated to discarding something everyday.

Actually, what he said was, “Starting July 1, and every day for a year, I will get rid of something. I will donate, discard, re-gift or recycle some bit of debris accumulating in my house. Anything non-perishable considered, exempting books and music.”

In MY house books should definitely be part of the discard. Hundreds of books overflowing bookcases at every turn. Piles of books I intend to read stacked under my bed, in boxes and drawers, occupying every available space in the house! Hoarding runs in my family and all my life I’ve been in love with thrifting and treasure hunting at the local Goodwill store. So I’m sure I cannot avoid those tendencies entirely. I willingly purge every now and again. I even have really organized friends help me purge cupboards and tiny areas of the house. But it seems like every room of the house seems to still have areas that attract clutter like a giant nuclear powered magnet!

I would love to list my treasures and favorite vintage pieces that I’ve found. But then hubby would see it and demand that I return it. Sooo….that is not an option.

But then again, I keep saying that I’m going to start listing some of my extra treasures on my favorite shopping sites, eBay and etsy. For instance, I found a realllly vintage Pinocchio Head Disney Bank. It even has the stopper. I’m not in love with it. I actually bought it with the intention of selling it. I don’t lack for motivation (I need the cash!). But getting started seems like an overwhelming task. Does anyone have any motivation tips that keep things from getting overwhelming?

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