First Day Of School

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When I was a kid, it hurt my feelings so much when my mom would mention that she couldn’t WAIT for us to be back in school. Now that I’m grown with kids of my own, I have no idea how she survived those summers with her sanity intact.

While seeing the bus drive away with my babies inside makes me sad and a little anxious, the sense of relief that washes over me as I step back inside my quiet house is wonderful. I have my freedom back! If I want, I can watch a whole tv show without pausing for nine “emergencies”. I could go shopping without anyone whining and wanting explanations for why they can’t have everything they see or complaining about the radio station or commenting on my driving. Sweet silence!

Maybe I will just celebrate the first day of school with a quiet cup of coffee…. and a nap. Yeah, a nice quiet nap.


School Supplies

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Is there any smell that reminds you of being a kid and those first days of school more than freshly sharpened pencils and a brand new lunchbox? A new box of crayons fits that bill for me too. I think half the fun of those first few days of school was getting to¬†write my name on that¬†giant name tag and then attaching my name in that bold crayon lettering across the top of my very own little school desk…. and then neatly putting all of my supplies in it. It was mine. Pride of ownership, I guess.

Well, mom sent Bella a fabulous pencil box for school. It’s so cool that I’m afraid that if she brings it to school, someone will ‘borrow’ it, like the toy that her and her sister were brought to play with on the day we went down to the school to get her registered. 100_2387

That was a little sooner than I had planned on to learn one of those cruel life lessons. If you have something great, and you bring it to school, someone might steal it. Not the type of school spirit I was hoping for. Hopefully that won’t be a lesson she has to learn again anytime soon. Anyhoo….here is a picture of her with her fabulous pencil box and a little video of her showing off just how fabulous it is.

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