If I just had a ……. I could…..

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Okay, I’m a borderline hoarder. Yes, it’s true.

Do I save garbage? No. Do I keep things that I will never use? No. If I see something awesome that is vintage do I take it home with me? Yes, almost always.

And therein lies the problem. I have yet to really get my ebay/etsy business off the ground. I have LOTS of merchandise. I have set up the accounts. Now I just need to get busy photographing and listing. Sounds easier than it is. VERY time intensive. And I keep thinking that IF I COULD JUST GET ORGANIZED then I could start. The trouble is, I’m perpetually disorganized.

So here’s what I’m thinking…. If I could list at least one thing a day, I could eventually get it all done. So I think that is what I’m going to do. One thing a day… sounds do-able right?



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Well, so far I have accomplished (sort of) one of my goals. I set up my etsy account. I listed a single item. I think I will focus my next efforts on listing the hundreds of books I have on either alibris or etsy or ebay or….whatever. I will get them listed SOMEWHERE and out of my house! They are everywhere! Yikes.

My biggest news though is a trip to California planned for late April into early May. My folks will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary and they want all their kids back together for it. This is no small feat considering we are spread all over the continent at this point. Three siblings scattered around California, me in here in Maine, and one newly relocated to Montreal. That’s a lot of miles!

My favorite part of planning a trip is deciding what to pack. Even though I have months to go, I already have my packing list pretty much completed. I want to fit everything into a carryon since the airline is going to charge us $25 to check EVEN ONE BAG. You suck, airlines. The tickets were a really good price (that my amazing sister plunked her credit card down for, thank you!!!) but they really stick it to you in the luggage dept. So here is my packing list so far:
talk to autumn about afternoons for bella and charlie

CA PACKING LIST fit all into carryons (mail the rest?)


Watercolor or blank journal Notepad
Set of watercolors
1 paint brush
6 pens
Glue Stick
2 highlighters
watchtowers, bible, songbook, bookstudy book
2 weeks of pills + bottles
vitamins, musinex, restaysis
makeup + brushes
travelĀ  wipes
?travel size makeup remover?
?1 nailpolish?
potty wipes for cuppy
1 pair of glasses (vintage?)
2 necklaces, 3 earrings
via packs, chips, snack bars, chocolate
1 headband, 2 hair clips, 1 comb
postcard stamps, list of addresses in phone
2 novels, 1 vintage magazine
List of places to go (flea markets, vintage shops)

Camera + extra battery
Ipod + headphones + usb cable (to recharge off of laptop)
Cell phone + recharger + car charger

6 panties
4 bras – one black, one white, 2 strapless
2 tights + 3 socks
2 leggings
one sleeveless dress (black?)
no sleeve shirts/ modest tanks
1 or 2 tunic short dress/shirt (pink vintage mini dress)
2 sweaters (black linen chicos jacket)
3 fun skirts for meetings or play
1 pencil skirt
1 pair of jeans
2 pairs pjs
1 belt
1 other pair of shoes (pink dr. martins)
extra collapsible duffle
Vintage purses for girls in the family
tshirts for justin

wear on the plane—
long baggy skirt, bulky wedge shoes, heavy sweater with buckles
1 leather jacket (blue?), one thin long scarf

Cuppy’s bag — two barbies, two small stuffies, eye cover, 1 colorbook, crayons, snacks

Cute frilly skirts for meetings or play
3 pjs
7 panties
1 long heavier sweater for her to wear on the plane

Goal for 2011 — GET OFF MY BUTT!

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My Goals for 2011…..

1 ) Getting my etsy.com shop off the ground. That will include properly setting it up with a kitschy banner and deciding whether to open another account that sounds more vintage related rather than use the name of the account that I’ve used for years to purchase from them. The advantage to using the current etsy ID would be taking advantage of all the good feedback I’ve accumulated. The downside would be that it wouldn’t be linked to anything and there is a possibility that no one would see it as a legitimate business and possibly not be willing to shell out their hard earned money to someone with no feedback. Tricky decision. Any thoughts?

2 ) Reestablishing my eBay selling account. I hate using them to sell stuff because they charge for each little photo and you have to pay through the nose to set up each item for sale and then they charge you another percentage when you sell it and then paypal takes a cut of that too. It’s ridiculous!!! Thus the need to FIRST set up the etsy account whose fees are much more modest. Plus I wouldn’t be pandering to the big eBay corporation. Hate those guys.

3 ) EMPTY OUT my dining room. All the great items I’ve accumulated over the last six months or so have taken up residence there in totes and boxes and teetering piles. It looks like a hoarders paradise. Not cool. Every so often I empty the room out and the dining table becomes usable again. That needs to happen like yesterday. You have to step over and around stuff just to get through the room to the other side. Again, not cool.

4 ) List my bazillions of books on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, etc (using alibris.com). A lot of the stacks of boxes in the dining room (spilling over into the back of the livingroom) are full of books that are just waiting for their chance to shine online and get snatched up. I’ve got some really great ones in there! I read today that these winter months are the best time to list books because everyone wants to snuggle up with a good book when it is cold outside. GOTTA GET A MOVE ON THINGS if these books are going to see the light a day!

5 ) And last but not least, I need to get up and get moving around. After hearing so much about Zumba and what fun it is to jump around and do latin dance moves (yes, I was sucked in by an infomercial) I decided that this would be the perfect exercise program for me. I get the most accomplished around the house when my headphones are blasting in my ears (like now, for instance). The music is my best motivation. Now if those dvds could just somehow magically get out of their cases and into the dvd player (which requires changing settings on four different boxes using three different remote controls — the humanity!!), I might actually watch them! (inferring that I would also be following along and exercising)

Too Much Inventory!

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So I have boxes and boxes of books to list online. I have boxes and boxes of vintage items to list on ebay and etsy. Does anyone have tips for getting motivated and getting started? I sold on ebay years ago. I set up a selling account on alibris. Now where do I find the fire to get my butt in motion?

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