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My current addiction is a game called “draw something”. It’s a cross between hangman and pictionary. Sooo fun. It is really helping me think more visually too. Asking the question, “how would I draw that?”….or better yet, “how would i express that word or drawing visually?”.

I watched the first episode of this season’s Design Star last night. Bummed that the collage artist got sent home. But I kinda didn’t like her anyway. The self proclaimed  “baby boomer generation” lady can’t possibly last too long with her limited preferred color palette and design style. Not everyone wants a “beachy” home lady. Duh. Loved the way the tall-ceilinged great room turned out! It really did feel like a martini would have been the perfect accessory. Metal sculpture guy seems like a dud as did “I’m a project manager” guy. Do they add them to the competition jusy to make the first few eliminations easier on the judges???

As a rule, I kinda hate reality tv….except when there is interior decorating or some sort of artistry involved. Anyone else watching anything interesting in the tv off season?


Tick, tock….tick, tock…..tick, tock

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Since I have several looming deadlines, I’m hard at work taking stupid personality tests online. Yup, slaving away. That’s me.

If you also have no time to waste and yet no desire to use your time wisely, here are a couple of doozies…

First — Which LOST character are you??

I am, apparently Boone. I sure hope this doesn’t mean I’m getting written off the show anytime soon…

And, in case you just cannot go on without knowing, here is a test to figure out which HEROES character you’d be:

I am Niki Sanders apparently. Here’s the scoop on me:

I hate to say it, but like Niki, you don’t really have an ability as much as you just have a severe mental disorder.  Schizophrenia, multiple personalities… that’s not a super power.  Sorry, but there’s nothing heroic about warping your poor son’s mind day in and day out.  But hey keep fighting the good fight!  And don’t forget your meds!

Yup, they nailed it. I’m just plain crazy.

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