Mid-century Modern on the Cheap

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At one of our recent trips to the local Goodwill Outlet (ours is called “Buy-the-pound” and is located in Gorham, Maine), the girls and I found this mid-century modern bench type couch. It looked very Danish in design. My husband can barely stand all the Mad Men-esque stuff already filling our home so, alas, I had to leave the gorgeous thing at the store.





Home Depot ….for free

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So i was at the transfer station today… For anyone who doesn’t know what that is— instead of taking our trash and recyclables to a dump, we take them to an intermediate site where we can sort and dump each kind of “trash” and then it is transferred elsewhere to its best final destination. The smaller town transfer stations have separate dumpsters for different kinds of plastics, paper, cardboard, and unclassifiable stuff that goes into a landfill. The larger ones ALSO have sections for oversized plastics like lawn furniture, car seats, and 20 gallon buckets. The Gray location has a building for stuff too good for the trash like books, clothes, and housewares which I call “The Free Store”. They also have sections for large appliances, one for windows and doors, one for sinks and toilets, one for pressure treated wood, and one for wood stumps and branches. They have more sections than i just mentioned but let me just say….it’s a picker’s paradise!

Anyway, I spent an hour or so collecting coupons and the occasional (current) magazine issue. Then I was encouraged by the employees to help myself to some large plastic items. I got some tiny toys, a replacement lid for one of my trash cans and a few lids for storage totes as well as some empty dvd containers (so the girls have no excuse to leave their DVDs out after they watch them).
Then I perused the other glorious mountains of junk/treasure.

After seeing the mountains of toilets, sinks, lawn furniture, wood, doors, windows, and other goodies, I can’t imagine ever needing to go to Home Depot again. I’ve been wanting to build an old door greenhouse… thinking it would take me years of curb browsing to find enough. Now I’m thinking that I could load up my van once or twice and be good to go!








WOOD, WOOD, AND MORE WOOD (while i was there, a truck pulled up and dumped out a whole bunkbed, broken dressers and headboards, and a vintage wicker stroller).

All in all, a fun fun afternoon!

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