I’ll have one more stack of books, please

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Although today was a really big over here with the very first day of school and all, I am going to wait and write more about that once I can add the pictures that are still in my camera. Needless to say, it was a very exciting day and lots of silly stuff happened. For instance, I got a bit of sunstroke (hello, this is September in Maine….we barely have sunlight!) waiting for Bella’s bus to arrive this afternoon since it was an hour late.

While researching info for the articles I was writing this week, I got completely sidetracked. I was writing an article about creating a gardening guidebook and somehow ended up researching books on journaling and outsider artists. I’m not sure I could explain just how that research progressed from one thing to the other but it really was a logical progression at the time. I swear I don’t have ADD…. but man I sure get distracted easily these days. I wonder if it is because I write while plugged into tunes blasting in my ear drums (mostly to keep me awake). Tonight was a selection of Imogen Heap/ Frou Frou songs. She is so talented and original that I could listen to her everyday and not get bored. For me, she is a classic. Her stuff always rates five stars in my itunes library. Anyhoo, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, getting distracted. (yes, i am noting the irony as I type this) Anyhoo, our library system is SO amazing here in Maine. I don’t know if other states have the same setup, but you can do a search online on a writer, movie, random set of words, title, whatever, and it will give you info on ALL of the movies and books that are available in libraries all over the state. Then you just provide your personal library card info and they send it right over to the library that is local to you. AND, they get it FAST. Faster than amazon can get books to me. And it is a whole heck of a lot cheaper too. I have a really bad history of ‘browsing’ amazon and blowing the month’s budget in like four minutes on books across several genres because they struck my fancy and click, click, click they were on their way to me! Some I am really glad to have purchased. Others were DUDS. There is nothing more disappointing than waiting for the postman (usually postlady out here in the boonies) to pull into the driveway with a pile of over-packaged boxes containing a single book each, ripping open all that packaging and then flipping through the book, only to discover it isn’t written well or isn’t really about what you THOUGHT it was about. ARrgggh…..

BooksFillShoppingCart Free is great! Especially because I can be the all powerful oz and renew them till the cows come home or send them packing right off the bat should they no longer appeal to my ever changing whims! I am giddy with anticipations of all those books I ‘ordered’ tonight! I was feeling a little teeny bit greedy at one point, but then I figured, if they were available in the first place, it’s not like anyone was reading them and I snatched them out of their hands. They were just gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. So there – totally justified greed. Tee hee! Can’t wait for my books!

(side note, yes, I’m overtired and hyped up on frou frou and my ever dwindling stash of see’s candy. please excuse the mental wanderings and randomness….and cheers to you!)

Oh yeah, I wanted to mention something else. Is anyone else having constant trouble using rssfwd? I absolutely adore their service. Having blog updates sent to my email lets me keep up with all sorts of interesting stuff without having to remember the name of the blog. But I when I find a new blog I wanna get updates on, I have to try accessing the rssfwd site like twenty times before I can get a solid connection to them. Is it just me? I can’t find a substitute for what they do so until I do, I will keep using them because once you CAN get thru, they faithfully send you updates with no worries. Love that!

Also, has anyone tried the games on www.pogo.com or www.winster.com? I’m totally SEVERELY addicted to the poppit game on pogo. I was pretty hooked on several games on winster but I’m getting really sick of looking at that horsey faced girl who is supposed to be ‘whinny’. Yeah, whatever, just give me more spins, lady.


Sunday Evening…

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I used my Gocco for the first time last night…very exciting! So exciting in fact, that the horror of making a mistake nearly gave me a stroke! More on that later….

In the meantime, I wanted to direct attention to a fabulous article written by the author of the AMAZING books, “Journal Revolution”

Journalrevolution Visualchronicles

and “Visual Chronicles” about art journalling and scrapbooking. VERY COOL

“Journal Revolution”

HERE is a link to the article:


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