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(For more Gocco stuff, please refer to my feeling arty blog. http://www.feelingarty.wordpress.com)

Here is another movie i made with my new Kodak. Have I mentioned in the last five minutes how much I love that thing??? This one was made earlier this month…


Sunday Evening…

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I used my Gocco for the first time last night…very exciting! So exciting in fact, that the horror of making a mistake nearly gave me a stroke! More on that later….

In the meantime, I wanted to direct attention to a fabulous article written by the author of the AMAZING books, “Journal Revolution”

Journalrevolution Visualchronicles

and “Visual Chronicles” about art journalling and scrapbooking. VERY COOL

“Journal Revolution”

HERE is a link to the article:



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Gocco Have you heard of or used a “Print Gocco”? I’ve been checking them out and they are too cool! Basically a shoebox sized screen printing kit made by a company in Japan named Riso.

Etsy had an article on Gocco printing and it occurred to be that most of the small size products sold on there with people’s original art on them would be easily mass produced with one of these babies! After following some links, I watched this youtube video showing the process (accompanied by a cool nina simone song).


Most of the kits are out of my price range (or I will just be saving my pennies for awhile…I’m looking around thinking, ‘now what can I sell on ebay to raise some cash??’). I checked on craigslist and the only references I could find on there were people advertising that they WANTED one…not a single one for sale.  Arrgghh…

My mom sent me this fabulous link explaining how you could do your own screen printing at home ….a little more messy and a few more steps involved but quite a bit cheaper. Doing multiples would seem a bit more cumbersome with this method as well….but having never done it myself, it’s a tough call to make.


So at the moment, I’m totally itching to try this out! Has anyone tried this, either with a Gocco or some other setup?? If so, I’d love to hear from you ….how easy or hard it is or any other tidbits or tips you might wish to impart. Especially because I read one comment on that last site that said you could add some sort of texturizing medium to regular acrylic paint to make it screen-printing-usable. But what that medium IS seemed to be a little vague. Hmm….

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